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Wavell Year 6 Maths Challenge 2018

by Irene Burton and Lucy Clark (Year 9 Helpers)

On the afternoon of Friday 28th September, the Wavell had the pleasure of hosting the Year 6 Maths Challenge, to which we invited Year 6 students from the local primary schools, South Farnborough Junior School, St. Peter’s Junior School and St. Mark’s Primary School.

The Maths Challenge was run by over lovely Maths Department and also top set Year 9 students, who each helped out a Year 6 team. Each school was split into 3 teams: Blue, Black and Red; each team with 4 students.

The Maths Challenge consisted of a warm up activity, followed by Logic Round, CrossNumber, and Speed Round. Finally a Shuttle Relay took place in which each team was given a series of questions, which could only be solved with the correct response to the previous question. But in addition to this, the teams could not communicate between them, only through their Year 9 leaders. This made the challenge much harder, but more fun.

This year, the top 2 places were won by South Farnborough Junior School teams; blue coming first and black second. The prizes were Maths-related, obviously. Runners-up each received a Maths toolbox, including items such as compasses, protractors and set squares. The four winners each received a Casio scientific calculator, a medal, and the winning school went home with the trophy to keep for the next twelve months.


The Year 6 Maths Challenge takes place thanks to the support of the UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematical Trust) in association with the University of Leeds. It is designed to push and test the mind by solving complex problems whilst still having fun. We think it’s safe to say the goals were completed, since the Year 6s reported they enjoyed themselves, and many correct solutions were found.

Overall, we would say the Wavell Year 6 Maths Challenge was a very worthwhile and fun experience for both those taking part and ourselves as Year 9 students who were helping out.